Wonderful Winter Weddings


Winter weddings are not the most popular in this country. Within the wedding industry there is definitely a busy season between March/April – September when most weddings take place. Lots of couples are hoping for dry bright weather within this period of time as well as adopting a bright summer colour scheme. Obviously weather in the UK can’t always be depended on, but a warm August wedding with long light evenings can be a wonderful way to celebrate a marriage. However, I absolutely love a winter wedding!

Magic in the air 

There’s something so magical about a wedding in December; that Christmas spirit in the air, venues being decorated in pretty lights with huge Christmas trees, the grounds covered in a crisp frost! It really brings out that feeling of Christmas spirit and ‘togetherness’ when sharing your day within this season as a truly lovely way to celebrate.

Obviously my favourite part of performing at a winter wedding is the music! Pre-Christmas I love to play and sing those classic Christmas tunes, and you can guarantee it’s a music choice that all guests young and old will be familiar with. Post-Christmas in the lovely little space between Boxing day and New Year’s day there are still a plethora of winter themed song choices such as ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Let it Snow’ which don’t mention Christmas but still fill the air with that magical spirit. I used my free time in December 2020 to share snippets of my favourite Christmas numbers on the saxophone on my social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) – scroll down and have a listen!

Memorable Celebrations

My favourite winter weddings over the last few years are definitely New Year’s Eve. What a truly special date to become a married couple, entering the New Year with all the hope and desires for what the next 12 months will bring as newlyweds!

So for anyone planning a winter wedding I wish you absolutely all the best in getting married at a truly enchanted time of year. Got any questions about planning your winter wedding music? Ask me here.