What is Ibiza Sax?


Never heard of Ibiza sax before? All your questions answered here!

Ibiza style saxophone music is a ‘genre’ that began in Ibiza, popularised by saxophone players such as Lovely Laura (read my blog post about her here!). Saxophonists jam along to funky dance and house music, playing solos in the instrumental sections of the songs, and sometimes along with the melody lines.

Ibiza Sax covers the old and the new!

Although this is a modern style of music, it can work across songs from dance/house music released many decades ago. Some of my favourite songs to play are from 90’s house music – watch here!

Interactive sax

One of the key elements of this style is the flexibility of the sax player. Rather than being up on a stage reading music and therefore fairly stationary like in a band set up, this music allows for the sax player to be on the dance floor and partying along!  

Will I know any of the songs?

There are some huge hits that Ibiza sax players usually cover, such as ‘Jubel’ and ‘Man With The Red Face’ but if you aren’t a big saxophone fan, there are plenty of ‘chart’ songs that work with this style. Some of my favourite songs to play are ‘This Girl’ Kungs vs. Cookin’ on 3 burners, ‘Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala and ‘Freed 

From Desire’ by Gala.

How to book an Ibiza sax player

Check out my contact page and get in touch if you want some high energy party music for your next event!