Wedding Ceremony Music


How many songs should we have?

Choosing your wedding ceremony music whether live or Pre-recorded is a big task. I often see the question of how many songs you ‘should’ have asked in Facebook wedding groups, so I thought it would be useful to write a blog of my experience.

What’s the correct amount?

There is no perfect formula for your wedding ceremony music, but I’ve found a good rule of thumb I suggest to any couples who book me. I’ve outlined this below:

Before the bridal entrance

Around 2 songs. Any more than 2 I feel turns in to a mini concert and guests could begin to get fidgety and start talking. It 

distracts from the main event that is about to take place rather than being a nice segue in to it. 2 songs is the perfect amount to 

engage your guests, letting them know they should start to finish their conversations as proceedings are about to begin.

Bridal entrance

This should only be 1 song. However you probably won’t get through a whole song unless you have a very long aisle or lots of members in your bridal party! Plan for hearing around a verse and chorus of your chosen number, maybe slightly more. The average song is around 3 minutes in length roughly but it usually will take no more than 1.30-2 minutes to walk down the aisle.

During the ceremony

Wedding music during the ceremony can be a really nice option instead of a speech, or as another focal point before/after the vows take place. I usually suggest 1 or 2 songs for the signing of the

 register also. This allows guests to relax and have conversation while the formalities of legal documentation are carried out.

Exit music

The big exit as newlyweds definitely needs accompanying with a great song! I always suggest one song for leaving the ceremony, but if you have a large wedding party who need to make their way down the aisle or large numbers of guests it might be worth considering 2 songs.

I discovered this winning song layout through working as a singer in a wonderful gospel choir. It sometimes strayed from this format but generally this same structure works time and time again for all sorts of weddings. Whether you are having a religious ceremony, an outdoor wedding, manor house, or even in a bluebell woodland! When booking live musicians it’s absolutely worth getting your monies worth and having them perform as much as you would like for your wedding ceremony music.

Now you’ve read about how many wedding songs to pick, here’s some helpful advice on how to choose those songs! Thanks for reading 🙂