Wedding Acoustic Duo

What could be better than live wedding music?

When you have 2 musicians instead of 1!

Acoustic wedding music can have such a fabulous sound, which is why I love performing as part of an acoustic duo. I have built my career on being a solo performer, but I absolutely love working with other musicians!

In the early days of my music life I worked in several bands as a singer (and occasionally playing sax), and have met some incredible musicians along the way. I also teach music and have some fabulous music contacts through that line of work. So, when I’ve been asked if I can provide music alongside a guitarist or pianist, the answer is always YES!

Lucy Harvey - When you have 2 musicians instead of 1!
Lucy Harvey - Acoustic Wedding Sets

Acoustic Wedding Sets

Working with other live musicians instead of backing tracks gives much more flexibility to the structure of your songs. If you envision walking down the aisle to just the chorus of your favourite number, we can make that happen! Check out this video of myself and James rehearsing an altered version of ‘I swear’ which begins with the chorus here.

It’s a real treat for me to work with other musicians as I am mostly a solo performer, and it really adds that extra sprinkle of magic to your day.

Acoustic Guitar

I have lots of guitarist friends, but my usual go-to is James Arbery. We met back in the early 2010’s when working together in a wedding function band based in Bristol. He is an extremely talented musician who I know is reliable and hard-working.

Wedding Pianist

Dale Hambridge is a professional piano player and tuner, who I have had the pleasure of working alongside for several years. A master of the keys, if your venue has a piano available (or even if not!) don’t let it go to waste!

Happy with a solo musician? Have a look at my wedding musician page for more inspiration!

Lucy Harvey - Acoustic Guitar & Wedding Pianist