Lovely Laura… who is she?


If you’ve landed on this page from a Google search of the Lovely Laura then you probably know exactly who she is! Sadly, I’m not the Lovely Laura… although perhaps I could be considered the South West UK’s own version… potentially Lush Lucy (or gert lush Lucy as we would say in my hometown of Bristol!)

Lovely Laura is well known across Ibiza and the Balearics for her amazing sax playing a venue’s such as cafe Mambo alongside DJ’s. You can find lots of videos of her on YouTube, here’s my favourite.

As a saxophonist, Laura has been a huge inspiration to me over the last few years.  I absolutely love her style of playing and thought it was something I wouldn’t be able to achieve, but with some hard work and determination I think I’m getting pretty close! I now work alongside DJ Jay as our very own DJSax duo, performing at weddings and events across the UK.

Dance music and old school club hits are my JAM! When I was first asked to play this style of saxophone I was really nervous about getting it right, but now I let the music take me it’s like being on a night out listening and dancing along to my favourite tunes whilst working! It absolutely rocks a wedding party, but my favourite events for Ibiza sax will be Hen Party’s needing that live music fix!

Head over to my Ibiza sax page to hear exactly what I’m talking about and get in touch if you are looking to add some Lovely Laura vibes to your next event!