Intimate Weddings


Big bash or small gathering?

Not everyone wants a huge party with hundreds of guests. An intimate affair with a handful of family and friends can be so meaningful! Do what feels right for YOU! (And don’t let any pesky family or friends change your mind if your heart is set on a small do!) 

I was fortunate enough to perform at my first wedding since February 2020 in December 2020 (It was a looooooooong 10 months!). It was an intimate ceremony of 15 only due to COVID rules, and it honestly wasn’t anything less than beautiful. The ceremony ran exactly the same as any other wedding I have performed at. The photographer made good use of having the couple all to himself after the ceremony and took some wonderful pictures. It was the true essence of intimate, where every guest felt fully involved. Every guest was able to congratulate the newlyweds personally and wish them happiness on their journey in to married life.

How can I make my intimate wedding special?

Live music can be a huge part of your small celebration! Keeping the numbers small doesn’t mean the special touches shouldn’t be just as important.

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