Hen Party Saxophone Player


Looking for a saxophone player to liven up a Hen Party? Then you are in the right place! I’ve played saxophone for lots of different Hen Parties over the years, from visiting private hen party houses, to performing at bars hired exclusively for the bride-to-be. I’ve even played a hen do pool parties!

Ibiza Vibes for the Bride-To-Be

If you can’t make it over to the party Island, then bring the party to you with some Ibiza style sax! And don’t worry if you have mums and mother-in-laws to be attending, I have music to suit all ages and tastes.

What will we need to provide a hen party sax player with?

I will bring everything needed for the performance. All you need to provide me with is an electricity supply… however if you are in the middle of a field camping I can work completely battery powered. I also ask for somewhere to get changed, and if you’re feeling generous, a glass of water please!

Can you be a surprise?

Absolutely! I’ve snuck into many a house and set up while the hens keep the bride busy elsewhere. I love the big reveal moment.

Playing saxophone for Hen Parties is one of my favourite events to be booked for. Girls honestly are the best! I grew up in the Spice Girl era so I’m all for some girl power. If you’d like to find out more, send me a message here.

Check out my Pinterest account where I have lots of videos performing at Hen Parties!