Choosing Wedding Music


Choosing your wedding music is a common problem for couples planning their big day and one I am often asked for advice about as a wedding musician. There are lots of factors to take in to consideration, such as any favourite songs, bands or artists you may have individually or as a couple, the music your guests may enjoy listening to and the mood you want to create for each moment of your day.

The best place to start is sitting down together and discussing any ‘must have’ music which you both are happy to agree on. Once you have some special songs noted down it is a good idea to look up the lyrics and song meaning before making it a confirmed choice. So many lovely songs are actually about break ups or broken hearts! However, if your song choice does have a completely different meaning to what you intend and you absolutely love the song then there is no reason not to have it as part of your wedding day. At least you have informed yourself just in-case it does change your mind.

Creating musical magic

Next you want to think about whether your chosen songs create the atmosphere you are hoping for. A slow ballad for the bridal entrance can really make that moment completely emotional, just as a big happy song for the newlyweds exit music can have everybody up on their feet dancing and clapping along! You could opt for a mix of lots of moods throughout your day or pick what feels more appropriate to you as a couple.

Live music…?

A big decision is whether you are going to have your music performed by live a musician(s) or a playlist of songs. There are pro’s and con’s to both choices (which I will be exploring in another blog post). Depending on your budget you could look to hire a solo wedding singer, small acoustic ensemble or even a full choir! There is a huge variety of live music options for your wedding.

Going to wedding fairs or music events to see and hear musicians perform live is a great opportunity to find something to suit your tastes and maybe even stumble across something you hadn’t even thought of as an option. Any good wedding musician will also have a website and promotional videos available for you to access online. A google or social media search can pull up a plethora of talent in your local area and beyond. Wedding musicians will usually supply clients with a list of songs which can really help narrow down some music choices, but don’t be afraid to ask if they can learn any special requests you may have which aren’t on their list. I have answered lots of commonly asked questions about choosing your wedding music on my FAQ page.

One final factor to bear in mind is mixing your music tastes with what your guests might enjoy. If you as a couple have an ‘alternative’ taste in music then you should absolutely include this in your day, as it is sharing yourselves as a couple with your guests. But perhaps mix it up throughout the day with some different genres during your drinks reception or wedding breakfast so that there is something to suit all ages and musical palettes!

If you have any questions about how to choose music for your big day and would like to pick my brain feel free to contact me!